Rebutting Robnett

Mary Robnett complaint: The Prosecutor’s Office is “political.”

Truth: Mary Robnett tells progressives she’s a progressive. She tells conservatives she’s a conservative. She’s a politician who will say anything.

She says she will be tough on crime, but she has accepted almost $100,000 in political donations from criminal defense attorneys, their families, and friends. What does she say to them?

Prosecutor and politician Mary Robnett will say anything

Robnett Facebook ad: "Endorsed by progressives." She tells progressives she’s a progressive and tells conservatives she’s a conservative. She's a politician who will say anything.

Mary Robnett Complaint: Pierce County government isn't open enough with public records.  

Truth: Mary Robnett sent emails to an employee of the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office and instructed him to destroy or hide emails.

"Delete your email... If you delete (and then delete your delete) it will take some real effort to look if they still exist."

She sent these emails from her government computer at the Attorney General’s Office to a Pierce County government computer.

Under R.C.W.40.16.010,  it is a felony crime to "destroy or conceal" a public record such as emails. Robnett is currently under investigation by the Washington State Bar Association for this alleged crime.

Mary Robnett instructs public employee to destroy or hide public records

Robnett instructed a public employee to destroy or conceal emails.

Mary Robnett Complaint: Pierce County Prosecutor's Office had cases reversed by the higher courts.

Truth: Of the 15 cases Robnett complains about, 12 were reversals that happened under her supervision.

When she was the Supervisor of the Special Assault Unit, she allowed PowerPoint presentations that the Supreme Court labeled “prosecutorial misconduct.”

Since Robnett quit the office in 2012, hundreds of cases have gone to trial and only two have been reversed on this basis.

After Robnett quit, the Prosecutor’s Office fixed the problem.

Mary Robnett was responsible for 12 cases of prosecutorial misconduct under her supervision

After Mary Robnett quit the Prosecutor's Office, reversals for "prosecutorial misconduct" went dramatically down.

Mary Robnett Complaint: Pierce County spends too much money defending against complaints.

Truth: Robnett was involved in seven frivolous bar complaints filed by Steve Merrival against former colleagues. The complaints were reviewed by the Washington State Bar Association and dismissed.

Robnett was also involved in frivolous ethic complaints against former colleagues that were dismissed by the Pierce County Ethics Commission. 

These failed complaints were filed for political purposes and cost the county more than a quarter of a million dollars to defeat. Now she complains about the expenses caused. Pierce County can’t afford a politician like Mary Robnett who is willing to make or encourage false accusations for political purposes. 

Mary Robnett was involved in false complaints Steve Merrival filed against colleagues

Steve Merrival, seated with Robnett, filed complaints with false accusations against former colleagues. The complaints were dismissed.

Mary Robnett’s complaint: Pierce County fights lawsuits instead of settling.

Truth: The Prosecutor's Office serves as legal counsel to the County Council, which has authority over lawsuits. Robnett has accepted large political donations from two plaintiffs who are currently suing the county, creating a conflict of interest if she is elected Prosecutor. 

These two plaintiffs have filed more than 20 complaints and lawsuits against the county and their former colleagues. The plaintiffs have donated $4,000.00 to Robnett's political campaign and their attorney has spent more than $10,000 on Robnett's campaign. They stand to profit at taxpayer expense if Robnett is elected.

Mary Robnett creates a conflict of interest by taking money from people suing Pierce County

Mary Robnett took political donations from people suing the county.

Mary Robnett has a lot of complaints, but no ideas. Check back for additional rebuttals to misleading claims and complaints by Mary Robnett and her political campaign.

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